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Unique items Teak wood

Teak Wood

Serving with style

Mother of Pearl Salad set

Beautiful Buddha to give your space a bit of Zen energy

Buddha resin height 20 cm

Handmade timeless lanterns

Lantern Glass & Copper

Design metallic ashtrays

Ashtray metallic dark brown

A unique design Evil Eye

Wooden Handmade Evil Eye

Handmade hanging lamps to brighten your space

Rattan ceiling lamp

Unique designs

Handmade decorative items and imaginative creations from natural materials of exclusive design Fenalie in super prices.
Unique space decoration items, hanging lamps, lanterns, modern evil-eye, Buddha, ashtrays, tableware and items from Teak wood to decorate originally with color your space.

Latest Products

  • Evil eye wooden handmade diameter 13 cm

  • Monk resin height 10 cm

  • Buddha head resin height 20 cm

  • Forks mother of pearl with wooden handle Set 5 pieces

  • Pomegranate evil eye round wooden handmade diameter 8.5 cm

  • Lantern “Disco” copper & glass handmade diameter 15 cm

  • Lantern rectangular copper & glass handmade height 20 cm

  • Cube wooden handmade with positive words

  • Mirror handmade wooden carved 120 x 80 cm

  • Lamp hanging Rattan natural “Pumpkin” diameter 50 cm

  • Lamp hanging rattan “Urchin” diameter 30 cm

  • Board teak wood abstract diameter 25 cm

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