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Decorations Items Fenalie M.E.P.E  has created this site for the sole purpose of serving its clients. The website is simple and friendly to use and designed to meet the needs of each user. To achieve your convenience, it is important that you, our customer, understand that you must provide specific information concerning the processing of your order, which are preserved by us.
The management and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of our website is governed by the terms of this Agreement and relevant provisions of Greek law (Law. 2472/1997, Presidential Decree 207 / 1998. Decree 79 / 2000 and no. 8 of Law. 2819/2000), and the European Law (Od. 95/46 / EC and Cs. 97/66 / EC). Minors can’t have access to our website without the consent of parents / guardians.
Decorations Items Fenalie M.E.P.E  is committed to protecting the personal data of its members / clients. Under no circumstances is your personal data to be given to other companies without your permission. Your personal data is stored by us for the sole purpose of your own service at our store.
Decorations Items Fenalie M.E.P.E  is following strictly the principles of personal data protection provided by applicable laws and international conventions will not make any unlawful and unwarranted use.
Decorations Items Fenalie M.E.P.E in no way will disclose, publicize, sell, exchange the personal information and information you trust us.
You can also do so at any time if there is any reason to change the personal information you have given us. All your personal information is absolutely safe.
According to 2472/97, no. 12, the customer has the right to access any stored data, as well as to object at any time to the processing of the data concerning him / her (right of objection No. 13 2472/97). In order to exercise the right to object to the processing of the data, the customer has the right to contact the company directly at (+30) 210 3640467 (ask for Mrs. Fenia Spyratou) and to raise his objection.


The user-visitor of may, if it so wishes, request to be informed about the new products available in the market for the Company and any other offers, by sending advertising messages at the email or postal address or by phone . There will be no misuse of this service. The user can in any case and at any time request the advertisements discontinue, while the Company before their mission consults prescribed by Article 19 Fri the 4th verse. d and 13 par. 3 of Law 2472/1997, the Authority Registry which registered persons who do not wish to be included in files, which have the purpose of promoting the sale of goods or the provision of long distance services.
The Company provides users of the Site of the ability to send newsletter to their email address if they state that they wish to take advantage of this service. Sending newsletter from the Company is fully compatible with Mail shipping regulations.


The e-shop has the ability to use cookies as part of the facility and its services through its website. Cookies are small files (text files), which is sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing sites like to operate smoothly and without bugs collected many choices the user to identify frequent users, facilitate their access to it, and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause damage to computer users and the files kept on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and processed your orders while at each exit from the site is automatically deleted. Should be aware that cookies are absolutely necessary in order to function properly and smoothly the website


Fenalie understands the importance of the issue of security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to the maximum security. All information related to your personal information is secure and is not responsible for unauthorized use of a credit card by a non-owner if the bank has not declared it lost as it is the responsibility of the client to keep his credit card.
In the case of credit card payment, the online store does not hold any of the card details used during the payment.
Decorations Items Fenalie M.E.P.E  is not responsible for unauthorized use of a credit card by a non-owner if the bank has not declared it lost as it is the responsibility of the client to keep his credit card.
For maximum security and convenience of online credit card transactions, the online store redirects your transaction to Piraeus Bank e-pos Paycenter.
Piraeus Bank follows the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) created by the International Payments Organization (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and sets out specific security standards that must be complied with by commercial companies Receive, process, store or transmit payment card data.
All transactions made through are governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (N. 2251/1994), which regulates matters concerning with remote sales.
You can also choose to pay You can also choose to pay via Paypal. Paypal offers a fast and secure way to pay from the internet without announcing your credit card number. For Paypal payment you need to have a credit card or transfer the money you want from a bank account to your Paypal account. If you do not already have a Paypal account, you can easily open an account by following the simple and understandable steps outlined at
Registration and account creation are free of charge.
Also you can choose to pay via Viva Wallet. The service follows exactly the same system as Paypal. If you do not already have a Viva Wallet account, you can easily open an account at
Registration and account creation are free of charge.


The online shop www.fenalie.γρ constantly expands, updates and improves its website and on products and services that will renew and this policy. We recommend you read this procedure at regular intervals in order to be notified of any changes to the content of this privacy policy. This policy will be modified from time to time without prior notice to users.


In using this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as the terms and conditions of use of the website, which are announced through this

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