Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above
Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above

 1983-2023    Fenalie: 40 years a Trendsetter into the Decoration World


The Brand

Fenia Spyratou owner and creative director of Fenalie
Η Φένια Σπυράτου στην διαδικασία δημιουργίας σύνθεσης αποξηραμένων λουλουδιών

Fenalie, a trendsetter company in the decoration world, has been a staple in Greece since its establishment in 1983. The name Fenalie itself is a combination of the names of three cousins: Fenia (Fen), Alexandra (al), and Natalie (ie).

From the beginning, Fenalie brought innovative ideas to the Greek market, introducing dried flowers for the first time. The following years Fenalie became synonymous with The Dried Flowers.

However, Fenalie’s creativity was not limited to dried flower arrangements alone. They also offer a wide selection of unique and intimate decoration items that are affordable, ensuring that decoration is not just a privilege for the few.

For the past 23 years, Fenia Spyratou, the creative director and a member of the second generation of the family business, has been leading the company. Her artistic talent, combined with a strong commitment to fair trade, has allowed her to establish collaborations with craftsmen from all over Indonesia. Fenia’s frequent travels to Indonesia allowed her to work with local artisans, bringing her designs to life in a continuous creative process.

Also in 2009, Fenia was inspired to redesign the traditional “evil eye” (mataki in Greek) in a modern and unique way, which has since become a trend in the Greek market. This new concept has lasted for over 15 years and has solidified Fenalie’s reputation as a trendsetter.

As Fenalie celebrates its 40th anniversary, the company is reintroducing dried flowers into the Greek market, responding to the requests of their loyal customers and sparking the interest of a new generation of customers. Fenalie’s commitment to creativity, affordability, and ethical practices has allowed them to remain a leader in the decoration industry for the past four decades and counting.

Stay tuned for the exciting comeback of dried flowers to Fenalie’s collection with a modern style!

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