Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above
Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above

  40 YEARS FENALIE (1983-2022) 



The Brand


Fenalie was established in 1983. The name Fenalie is derived by the combinations of the name of three cousins:

Fenia (fen), Alexandra (al) και Natalie (ie). Trendsetting back then it brought for the first time in Greece the dried flowers. The creation in fenalie wasn’t limited to the flower arrangements only.

Fenalie is the place where you can find unique decoration items, of high intimism  at affordable price so decoration is not a privilege for the few. Visit Fenalie and decorate your space with character, a trait that is missing nowadays.

The last 22 years, the second generation of Fenalie took over, the creative director Fenia Spyratou.

Fenia’s artistic talent in combination with an absolute moral of ethics at fair trade, has established collaborations with craftsmen from all over Indonesia. In her travels to Indonesia, Fenia joins forces with the local craftsmen to bring into life her designs. The creative process in Fenalie never meets an end.

Especially since 2009, Fenia had the inspiration to start the redesign of the “evil eye” (“mataki” in Greek) in a modern concept and different shape. The modern eye had as a result to affect the Greek market and create a new decorative trend.

This trend now has lasted for 14 years, proving once more how Fenalie is a trendsetter.

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