Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above
Free transport costs in Greece for online purchases 49 € and above
  • Wooden Lucky Charm 2024 Red

    New Year’s Lucky Charm

    New Year’s day is a very special one, celebrated all over the world. As a result, various customs related to it have developed to this day. One such predominating, is the exchange of lucky charms between friends. Such a lucky charm, may represent the fulfillment of the very best expectations for the new year, regarding …

  • Pomegranate Plexiglass Blue Evil Eye 2024

    The Pomegranate and its Symbolism

    Pomegranates originate from India, where they were known since prehistoric times. However, since  antiquity they spread further west to the Middle East, Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean regions. In many cultures, the pomegranate seeds are considered as the means of enhancing women’s fertility The ancient Greeks realized very early the special therapeutic value …

  • Dried Flowers Centerpiece Arrangement

    The History of Dried Flowers

    Every culture is accompanied by its aesthetics. The same thing happens with the aesthetic culture of the “West” which is often called “fashion”. Fashion is the expression of aesthetics of a period and it usually moves in the Western world in cycles of 30-50 years. That is, a fashion can last 4-10 years, then pass …

  • Curtain Turquoise Mother Of Pearl

    All about Mother of Pearl, its History and its Qualities

    Mother-of-pearl is the hard internal layer of several kinds of shells which serve as the external protective shield of various mollusks. This material, also known as nacre, is made up by an organic-inorganic composition. It has a nature similar to that of porcelain, with an iridescent white or, off-white hue. It is simultaneously strong and …

  • Garland 20 Wooden Handmade Red Peppers

    The Story of the Chili Pepper and its Qualities

    Very similar to the evil eye, the good luck charm that is believed to protect its bearer from the envy and harmful intent of others, is the red chili pepper.

  • wooden tsarouhi shoe evil eye color blue

    Tsarouchi and its evolution in Greek History

    As we watch the Evzones of the Greek presidential guard, we admire their imposing appearance. A very impressive element of their uniform is undoubtedly their unique footwear named tsarouhi, which may be termed even more simply as a shoe.  However It is interesting to see how this tsarouhi shoe evolved into being a part of …

  • Exhibition Buddha’s Life, Path to the Present

    We had the pleasure to visit the exhibition “ Buddha’s life, Path to the present” in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. We admired the art of thousands years old combined with contemporary art by the controversial artists Ai Weiwei and Yoko Ono. Uncertainty surrounds the exact year of the birth of prince Siddharta Gautama, later …

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