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Garland 4 seashells Nautilus evil eye wooden


Wooden seashell Nautilus garland evil eye is handmade & hand painted on both sides of each wooden seashell, an exclusive design of Fenalie.

The Nautilus shell showing the chambers arranged in an approximately logarithmic spiral, called the Fibonacci sequence.


The notion of the “evil eye” is firmly rooted in Greek folklore, dating back to classical antiquity. The term was, in fact, mentioned by such prominent ancient Greek figures as Hesiod, Callimachus, Plato, Theocritus and Plutarch.

This is believed to protect against negative energy deriving from envious or malevolent stares, often referred as “the evil eye”.

This good luck charm is commonly known as Mati (Greek for “eye”).

Note: Since this evil eye is handmade and hand painted, a slight differentiation from the website’s product pictures is possible.

Dimension: each seashell 10.5 cm x8 cm, length of the garland 50 cm

Volume freight weight: 0.5 Kg

Real weight: 0.15 Kg

Weight 0.50 kg

Indigo, Light Blue, Turquoise, White

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